The Songze Culture Site

The Songze Culture site, located in the north of Songze Village, Zhangxiang Town, Qingpu, was discovered in 1957. It is about 500 m long from west to east and 300 m wide from north to south, covering a space totally about 150,000 m2 with an artificial mouth in the center. The five archaeological excavations in 1961, 1974-1976, 1987, 1994-1995 and Feb.-April, 2004 have exposed totally a space of 1266.5 m2 and found three layers of ancient cultural stratums at the site. From the upper stratum, the Qijiadun Culture of the Spring &Autumn and Warring States Periods, were unearthed hard pottery Dou vessels and jars, proto-type porcelain Dou vessels and boxes and hard pottery shards impressed with various geometric patterns. From the middle stratum, the Songze Culture, were excavated a clan cemetery of 148 tombs buried with straightly lying human bodies on their backs and numerous pottery vessels of Ding, Dou, jar and pot, stone axes, adzes and chisels and jade Huang pendant, Han burial objects and bracelets, and architecture traces and man-built red burnt clay altar of the Majiabang Culture. From the bottom stratum, the Majiabang Culture, were found a village site, red sandy pottery vessels, red pottery utensils, stone tools, jade wares as well as man-planted rice and two earliest cylindrical wells. The excavation of 2004 discovered 7 Majiabang Culture tombs, which has filled the blank of no Majiabang tombs having ever been found in Shanghai before. The two-side perforation for the holes on the stone axes of this period put the date of adoption of this perforation technique over a thousand years ahead. The Songze Culture, nominated by the Chinese Archaeology Society in 1982, is one of the representative Neolithic cultures in the Taihu Lake area. It succeeded the Majiabang Culture found in Jiaxing and was followed by the Liangzhu Culture found in Yuhang. The site was issued as a monument under the protection of the Qingpu county in May 1961 and became a monument under the protection of Shanghai Municipality in October 1962.


(Full View of Songze Culture Site)


(Excavation at the Songze Culture Site)



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